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Our Story

How It All Began

Maui Oma Coffee Roasting Company was founded by David Gridley in 1993. Maui Oma was established to create individual coffee programs for restaurants and cafes throughout Hawaii with the emphasis being to create single origin varietals using 100% Hawaiian coffees as well as developing proprietary blends for Hawaii’s finest chefs.

In 2018, David retired and to this day, Maui Oma considers itself a small to medium size roasting company paying attention to quality and freshness in every step. With over 26 years of sourcing quality beans from around the world and in Hawaii we take great pride to ensure a great cup of coffee.

The Legacy Carries On

Not much has changed at Maui Oma Coffee Roasting over the last 26 years.  We’re still sourcing quality beans from around the world and working with coffee farmers in Hawaii to bring you the best of the best.  Since 2018, we’ve developed a great team of green bean buyers, roasting technicians and production line fulfillment specialists who pay attention to each step of the process.  These are the men and women and the machine (we call her “Big Red”) who are behind your cup of coffee. Please stop by the roastery in Kahului or visit us at our retail store in Waikapu, The Country Market.  

Grant is the President of Maui Oma and the sole owner of Kumu Farms. He has farmed lands in Hawaii for 38 years and has established a solid business model on both Molokai and Maui islands. He works with small and large grocers and distributors as well as direct sales to the public through the Kumu Farms Market stands. He has a passion and interest in farming; however, his business background provides stability and direction to Maui Oma by keeping the business model on track and on solid grounds.

Maria’s background is diverse and she’s been in the Hawaii coffee industry since 1998. Her segway into the coffee industry was through Ag-Tourism at Coffees of Hawaii on the island of Molokai. Over the years, she’s worn many hats, from tourism, retailing, café management, farm management, coffee processing and roasting and production. She also established the Mill House Roasting Company at the Maui Tropical Plantation and worked with the team at the Plantation to develop the Mill House Restaurant. She brings a team approach to Maui Oma and you can always find her at the Roastery doing what she loves…. sourcing coffees from Hawaii and around the world. She carefully chooses coffees with a variety of flavor profiles and high cupping scores to achieve not only quality, but to also draw from a diverse inventory.

Our Difference


All our coffee is roasted and blended to order. Coffee is never sitting around for months before you receive it.


We only use high grades of Arabica coffees

Small Batch Roasting

To better control the quality and development of essential coffee oils (no quench roasting)

Customized Blends

We work with our customers to create customized blends to match their personal taste.

Coffee Knowledge

Over 25 years of experience in the Hawaii Coffee industry in all phases of coffee, growing, processing, sourcing, roasting, packaging, and equipment.

Equipment and Servicing

Provide a team of support by servicing all that we sell or provide. We service everything we sell, 7 days a week, every week.


We provide on-site staff training covering coffee information, proper preparation and servicing and maintenance of your equipment.

Hours of Operation

Roastery (wholesale)
8:00am – 3:00pm
8:00am – 2:00pm

The Country Market (retail)
9:00am – 1:00pm

9:00am – 4:00pm


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