Stovetop Espresso

How to brew Stovetop Espresso


  1. Pour
    • Unscrew the brew chamber and add room temperature water to the boiler up to but not over the safety valve. 
  2. Grind
    • Add 2 tbsp of finely ground coffee to 6 oz of water into the basket. (avoid packing the grounds)
    • The grind size should look similar to brown sugar.
  3. Brew
    • Put the basket back into the boiler and screw the brew chamber back on securely.
    • Turn your burner on high and place the pot on the stove. 
  4. Remove
    • When you see coffee stop filling the brew chamber and you hear a sputtering or spitting sound, the brew is done.
    • CAUTION: Use a hot pad or oven mitt to remove the brewer from the stove. Wait until the pot is cool to touch before taking it apart to clean. 
  5. Enjoy
    • Finally, decant and enjoy your freshly brewed Stovetop Espresso!
    • Add milk or hot water to taste to recreate your favorite classic cafe drinks.