What makes Maui Oma coffee so special?

It all starts with sourcing the best Hawaiian grown coffees and masterfully roasting them to create 100% Hawaiian coffees and Artisan blends.

We ensure your coffee is the best it can be before it reaches your door.

Jaws Breaking – 12oz

Our heaviest bodied coffee, with 90% dark chocolate notes, finished with baker’s cocoa sweetness. Lingering mild citrus acidity.

Origins: Colombian & Maui
Roast Level: Espresso – Dark


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100% Hawaii Three Island Blend – 12oz

This 100% Hawaiian Coffee is a winner! The combination of these unique Hawaiian Coffees creates a creamy body, with soft citrus acidity. Its final rest on your pallet is that of semi-sweet chocolate.

Origin: Maui, Oahu & Hawaii Island

Roast Level:  Full City

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Paniolo Blend – 12oz

Upcountry Maui Cattlemen love this blend as do many locals here on Maui. It’s a creative blend of medium roasted coffees with a splash of darker roasted beans to give it a taste of semisweet chocolate and juicy cherries. It’s a full, rich cup! A campfire and kitchen-tested pleaser!

Origins: Nicaragua, Colombia & Maui
Roast Level: Blend of Full City and French Roast Blend


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100% Maui Mokka – 12oz

By far one of Maui’s best coffees! This small and mighty bean delivers a nutty flavor with chocolate overtones and hints of wine and fruit.

Origin: Maui
Roast Level: Mokka – Full City Roast

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Haleakala Sunrise – 12oz

Our Haleakala Sunrise coffee is a bright morning cup, well balanced with notes of dried apricot, dark chocolate, and cane sugar.

Origins: Costa Rica, Columbia, Indonesia & Maui
Roast Level: City Roast


$14.95 or subscribe and save 10%

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